Ring Warming Ceremony

If you’re planning a wedding, chances are you’ve found yourself on Pinterest and have been inundated with the countless ideas that folks have shared.  I love Pinterest for gathering ideas for couples I am going to marry!  There are so many ideas that I’ve never even heard of before and while some of them are personal to the couples who share them, there are a vast variety of ideas you can use for yourself.

One of my favorite ideas that I found on Pinterest is a Ring Warming Ceremony.  It originated from proudtoplan.blogspot.com and found it’s way into one of my boards I call “Ideas for my Wedding Biz”.  I love this idea!

What is a Ring Warming Ceremony?

Well, the idea is to tie your wedding bands together and pass them around to your guests where everyone can hold them, say a blessing, prayer, or just think happy thoughts while holding them.  The conclusion is that your bands, once they have found their way to your fingers, are now filled with the warmth and love of your family and friends.  It’s a lovely sentiment and I think if your wedding is a small, intimate affair, it’s a great way for guests to feel part of your union.

I would caution that you designate someone to be the “Keeper of the Rings” just in case that ornery Uncle Bill decides to pocket them just to see the reaction from his favorite niece or nephew.  A Keeper of the Rings will also ensure that your guests understand what you’re asking of them, answer any questions, and move the process along so that by the time you’re ready to exchange them, they’ve been properly warmed and blessed.

Let me know what you think!  Did you do this and have stories or photos to share?  Comment below!


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