Stars, Forging Rings and Hand-fasting -Heather and Josh

heather and josh wedding

Heather, Josh and I had our first wedding meeting at Starbucks!  I knew I was going to love them!  Through a mutual friend, I had met Josh a few years before, and now he and his gorgeous bride-to-be contacted me to officiate their special day.

Their wedding took place on the veranda of the local golf course!  It was a beautiful, sun-soaked August afternoon with a stunning view of the golf course.

Their wedding vows were filled with promises of eternity from the setting of the Sun to the rising of the Stars!  My favorite line from their vows was “and we shall meet and know and remember and love again”.

Heather and Josh also chose a hand-fasting for their unity ceremony.  We chose a cord of three colors, red, light blue and white.  Red for passion, strength, lust, and fertility.  Blue for tranquility, patience, devotion, and sincerity.  And white for purity, concentration, meditation, and peace.  I attached charms to their braided cord to represent their interests; a guitar for Josh and stars for Heather.  Their hand-fasting ceremony was the only one I’ve done so far, but I loved the symbolism of it and and the powerful phrase, “and so the binding is made”.   Definitely a goosebumps moment for me as a celebrant.

Heather and Josh 2

Their ring ceremony included an explanation of how the wedding ring does indeed have a beginning as it has to be forged from metal and shaped into a perfect circle.  We compared the making of a metal wedding band with the forging of love and commitment.

Watching Heather and Josh embrace and kiss for the first time as husband and wife was my favorite part, as witnessed by my cheesy grin in the photo!

Heather and Josh

Well, there you have it, the August 2012 wedding of Josh and Heather!  I’ll reference more ceremonies I’ve done in the future, but next post I’ll show you how I use the traditional ceremony outline to create a non-traditional ceremony.  I use this simple formula because I know that planning a non-traditional wedding can be a little bit overwhelming sometimes.

Thank you for reading and feel free to post questions or comments below!

Until next time,


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