Say Yes to a Non-traditional Dress!

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I am in no way against the traditional white or off-white wedding dress.  They are beautiful and stunning and for centuries have been the top choice of brides all over the world.  What I want to convey in this blog post is that brides who want to choose a non-traditional wedding dress should do so if it suits their personality or theme of their wedding.  Let NO ONE tell you no when choosing the dress (or pantsuit) you want to get married in!

Now that I’ve made that clear, onward with my post.

The very first wedding I officiated was the wedding of a very non-traditional couple!  They were married in a little historic chapel, took photos in the graveyard, the wedding was on October 31st, and it snowed!  And the bride wore red!  It was perfect!  Jen is an extremely talented and creative photographer, (you can check out her Facebook page here Oktober Hollow Photography ) so bright red was the perfect choice for her!  As seen below, she rocked the red!P-J


When Jen’s maid-of-honor got married, she made it a backyard family affair (they were blending two families), so the atmosphere was a bit more casual, but all the way classy.  Heather chose blue for her wedding dress color and went with a simple, but stunning choice!  As seen from the photo below, she looked incredible!

wedding 2

In May of 2015 I married a couple I have known since I met and married my husband.  They got married outdoors and Cathey chose blue as well!  She and her husband Shane had a fun wedding!  And you guessed it, she rocked the blue wedding dress!

shane and cathey blue

Each of these three brides chose to do what they wanted with their wedding dresses and the results are beautiful, happy brides!  And that’s the point!

Did you choose a non-traditional wedding dress for your wedding?  Did you choose a unique color to get married in?  If so, what did you choose and why?  Feel free to post comments and pictures below!  I look forward to hearing and/or seeing your choices!

Until next time,


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