If You Find Planning a NonTraditional Wedding Ceremony to be Overwhelming

giphyYou’re on the fiftieth article in an online blog about nontraditional weddings and your heart starts palpitating faster, your mind is spinning, and you feel tears threaten to spill out all over the keyboard.  You are fighting the desire to just give up and go with a traditional ceremony but you know deep down, you want something more meaningful for your ceremony.  What to do?  How to cope?

First of all, take a deep cleansing breath!  In through the nose, hold it, count to ten, and then release gently out through your mouth.  Take another breath, sit up straight and close your eyes.  Take a few more.  Now that you’re calm, here’s my advice.

Sit down with your significant other and decide what is important to you, your relationship, and your ceremony.  What was it that brought you two together?  What were the things that kept affirming to you that you were meant to be together?  What makes your relationship, your union, your life together unique?  What are your plans and goals for the future?

If you take the time to think about these things, you can then begin to understand what you want your wedding ceremony to look like.  A wedding is a ceremony that marks the passage of individuality into a partnership.  You should indicate why this person enhances your life by being in it.  What are your intentions to help each other become better people?   What does your partner need that you provide him or her?  Make that part of your vows.

Your wedding ceremony should tell the story of finding your partner, the things that bonded you two together, and where your relationship is headed in the future.  And remember, your guests are there to support this union and this bond, invite the people who support and love you.

Now that you have this written down (because you should have been writing this down), you can start looking for ideas that represent those things that are important to you.  Just because that wine box unity ceremony looks beautiful online, but you and your significant other drink craft beers, doesn’t mean you should misrepresent yourselves!  Replace the bottle of wine with two bottles of your favorite brew, two personalized beer mugs, and BAM!  you have your own unique unity ceremony!

Isn’t that better?  A little less stressful right?  I know you can do this!

Until next time,


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