Unplugged, 40+ Hours, and a Mother with a Broken Hip: How my Summer is Going

Annie and KevGreetings!  I have started several blog posts, nearly completed them, only to get distracted by the next “very important thing” and boom!  Gone, forgotten, and I lost my train of thought and inspiration.

So tonight, I grabbed my laptop and while the house is quiet and I’m home alone, I thought I’d summarize the posts into one short, but informative narrative.

My youngest daughter got married on August 25th and the wedding was GORGEOUS!  The weather was perfect, the food was amazing, she looked incredible, and we had an awesome  time!  My goal for her wedding was to leave my phone in my purse or on the table at go “unplugged”.  I remember at my oldest daughter’s wedding, my phone was in my hand the entire time and I looked ridiculous.  I vowed that this would not happen at my youngest daughters wedding and I followed through.  I enjoyed myself so much more without worrying about whether or not I caught “that” perfect shot.  I “borrowed” photos from family and friends to share on social media, but the memories I have from the experience could never be captured in a photo.  It was the best decision I could have made and I vow to go unplugged more often.  (Like this weekend at my grandson and granddaughter’s birthday party).

And then there’s the day job.  What started out as a part time job turned into a serious full time job with the loss of some staff at our office.  I went from 20 to 25 hours a week to more than 40 a week in the past month and I’ve had zero time to devote to any of my businesses.  I’ve been anxious for new hires to start and two new girls started on Monday.  After three days, they are proving that youth is a wonderful time to learn new things.  What took me months to learn, they are absorbing in hours!  And thank goodness!!!  My part time hours will be back in full force in another week and I can’t wait!

And then my sweet 77 year old mother fell and broke her right hip last Sunday.  She is home now and doing great, but will require round the clock care until she heals from surgery.  This incident with her reminded me how fragile she is and how brief our time together is becoming and how I must make time to spend with her.  It’s been a very eye-opening couple of months for me in regards to how much time we spend with our parents as we get busy in our lives and they age.  One minute she was a vibrant 60 year old woman and the next she’s fragile and in need of care.  Yikes!  How did this happen?!  But I will make sure that I will have zero regrets when she passes on.

I also did a family hand casting for a gentlemen and his family before his passing from cancer and felt incredibly honored to be able to provide that service for them.  I did a couple hand casting for an incredible photographer and her husband and bartered with her for head shots for my business.  (I love bartering!)  And I have a pregnancy belly cast on my work table, the third casting I’ve done for this particular momma and I feel honored to be able to provide her these precious keepsake memories.

So there, a brief summary of what’s going on and why I’ve been absent from blogging.

I don’t promise weekly blogs, but you can be assured that with three online courses for my celebrant business on my to-do list this month, there will be plenty of material to share with you!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time



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