Weddings, Couples, Castings, Babies, Keepsakes, Oh My! How My Businesses Intertwine.

hand casting 3

Not only am I a Celebrant, I also create.  For years I’ve created keepsake pregnancy belly casts for expectant mothers, but recently I’ve moved into the hand casting arena.  This has proven to be an exciting and fulfilling time for me as an artist.  I’m not technically creating something from nothing, instead I’m capturing something that already is and in essence, just like a photograph, it’s a stopped moment in time.  But more than a photograph, it’s something you can touch, feel, and connect to.

I decided that I would blend my two businesses together by offering couples I meet with to officiate their weddings a chance to have a couple hand casting at a discount.  I feel that this is a gift I can offer them that they can look at, cherish, and pass on to generations to come.

Recently, I did a family hand casting for a family who were approaching the death of their patriarch and now they have this incredible cast of his hand entwined with theirs to remind them of how close they were, and still are.  And what an incredible comfort to just hold your loved ones hand just one more time.

jim hand casting

Because there are a lot of blended families (much like my own), I did a casting for my dear friend Gina.  It was of her hand, her children’s hands and her husband’s hand.  What a beautiful statement of family!

gina hand casting

And I love that my businesses can be combined in this way as well!  I officiated Cori and Josh’s wedding and the very next year I did a keepsake pregnancy belly cast for their precious son Braxton!  I love being part of their journey together!

Batman Cast

As both of my businesses grow and flourish, I gain a deeper level of satisfaction and fulfillment.  It has taken me a long time to reach the point where I’m truly satisfied with what I do, but it’s been an awesome journey!  I love being a part of love with my weddings, and I love watching lives of amazing people being celebrated and honored by their loved ones and friends after they have passed from Life, and I love capturing the form of expectant mothers and then meeting their precious babies!  My job is incredible!

Until next time,


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