My Thoughts on World Teacher Day


I’m envious of the dozens of stories I’m reading today of great teachers who have made a huge impact on the lives of people I admire.  I’m envious of my son as he talks about the one teacher he still quotes, three years after high school graduation.  I’m envious of those individuals who were given a helping hand from a caring teacher to help pull themselves into the direction of their dreams.  I’m envious because I never had this.

As a child who was educated in a private christian (Mennonite based) school, and as a girl I was to aspire to nothing more than the roles of an obedient wife and loving mother.   My teachers were all very young women who were in the transitional period between high school graduate and wife-dom.  The turnover rate of teachers in my school was rather high, it seemed as if we had a new one every year, because it always depended on when they were getting married.  Once married, they could no longer work outside their home, so we were given yet another single female teacher.  None of these women encouraged my dreams, because how could they?  My dreams were to be a doctor, then a teacher, then a travelling journalist, then a writer, and then, well, I kind of lost my dreams.  Mostly because there was no one there to encourage me because the role of my teacher was to guide me into the subservient role of housewife and mother.

So I became a housewife and mother.  And struggled with my dreams.

When thinking back on teachers who inspired me, I have found that my educational experience was sadly lacking.  However, the greatest teachers in my life were books.  Books, books, and more books!  Reading has taught me everything I have wanted to know, and sometimes more than I wanted to know.  But that’s okay!

I learned about life, philosophy, love, anger, fear, science, health, wealth, sacrifice, culture, other religions, the good of people and the bad of people, but most of all I’ve learned to stay curious.  To continue to read, to learn more, and understand the world around me.  Writers are my teachers!  Writers are those with whom I credit my education!

Because I read so much, I often wrote down ideas, quotes, or just discussion in my own head of what I have read vs what I’ve experienced in life.  Writing is therapeutic for me and I love to journal.  There is an entire shelf among my book collection dedicated to my journals.  I just started a new one on Monday and those fresh pages just beg to be written on!  Reading and writing, writing and reading!  It’s a beautiful thing!

So in honor of World Teacher Day, I would just like to take the time to thank teachers who encourage students to read and think for themselves!  Thank you for encouraging your students to love books and the valuable education reading can provide.  Keep up the good work!

Happy World Teacher Day!

Until next time,



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