What a difference a year makes!

rebecca and Terry

One year ago today, I officiated the wedding of a young lady who is like a daughter to my husband and I.  It was an honor to be asked to officiate her ceremony and I did so with much love in my heart.  Happy First Anniversary Rebecca and Terry!

It was right before Rebecca’s wedding that I had decided to no longer officiate ceremonies as an ordained minister, their wedding was going to be my last.  However, in December 2017, two months after Rebecca and Terry said “I do”, I applied to become a Humanist Celebrant, was endorsed, and things took off from there!

What a difference a year makes!  In marriage and in life!

Too often we get defeated if we cannot see another way to do things.  We feel that we should just give up on our dreams and choose another path.  But it’s in the pursuing of what we truly want through questions, searching, discussing with others, we can find a choice we never knew existed.  This is true in marriage and in life.

As any couple will attest, the first year of marriage (even for couples who have lived together before their marriage) is a major change.  Social status, legal status, and the dynamic of the relationship will change.  But it’s in the pursuit of your partnership as a married couple, where you will find the answers and/or the options you are looking for.

Never stop growing, never stop evolving, and never stop believing in your relationship!

Until next time,


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