Be Thee Sexy or Be Thee Scary, Just Be Thee!


So this was me in 2010 at a Halloween party I threw at my home with several of my family and friends!  It was a good time and we had a blast!  I was a scary/sexy living dead girl and it was fun.  By the way, those contacts were awful, I don’t recommend cheap versions of white out lenses.

At any rate, everyone who showed up to the party dressed up.  We had funny costumes, goth costumes, scary costumes, sexy costumes, and even some “Not sure” costumes.  Bottom line, it was a really good time and we all had fun.  That’s it.  No one shamed anyone for being sexy or scary or goth or funny or confused.  We had a blast!  We ate good food, drank good drinks, listened to good music, and laughed the night away.

Today is the 31st, Halloween, and I’m already seeing the memes shaming people for choosing sexy versions of a character and I’m seeing memes shaming people for choosing scary versions of a character and I’m seeing memes shaming people for celebrating Halloween at all.  Stop it.  Just stop it.

Each of us are free to express who and what we want to be.  Each of us celebrate Halloween in our own original or traditional way.  I, for one, will be sitting on my couch, in my Halloween leggings, sipping Skinny Girl wine and watching Rocky Horror Picture Show for the millionth or so time.  Happy Halloween to me!

Dress up as the character you wish to represent.  Embrace your version of it.  Celebrate Halloween in the way that you would like.  And if anyone has the audacity to try and shame you, hold your head high and keep on being your fabulous or scary self!

Happy Halloween Folks!  May you have a lovely and thrilling night!

Until next time,


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