Public or Private: Why all of my social media accounts are public

The Ongoing Debate of Social Media

A friend of mine recently pointed out that all of my social media accounts from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter were public. She wanted me to be aware of this fact and also suggested that I consider making them private. She wasn’t the first person to suggest this to me and I’m sure that she will not be the last. But I’m perfectly fine with my accounts being public. Why? Let me explain.

First, having a public social media account requires me to think before I post. Not only about the content I’m posting but also how it will be received by anyone who reads it. No matter the content of my post, everyone will interpret it their own way based upon how they know me and based upon their life experience. Therefore, before I post anything on social media I think very hard about the consequences of the post. If I’m willing to accept the controversy over a emotionally charged post, I’ll click “Post”. But if I do post it, you can be assured I’m ready to defend my position.

Second, the things I post relate solely to my own personal journey. If it resonates with another person, good or bad, please share your experience with me. We can learn so much from each other and the ability to connect with anyone across the world is quite inspiring. Shared experiences are what causes us to learn and grow. But you can count on the fact that you will not know everything about me if you stalk my social media accounts.

Third, there is a block feature on every social media platform that enables us to cut off contact with anyone who is disrespectful or makes us feel uncomfortable. I’ve used it countless times on Instagram and Facebook on the fake accounts and accounts that serve no purpose but to share regurgitated bs.

And lastly, I’m just here to connect with others, promote my artistic talents, learn new things, and share my personal triumphs and defeats. I don’t get that excited with how many “likes” I get or if my stats on this blog jump from 2 views to 8 views in an hour; it is what it is. (Although my partner will argue that I do indeed get excited when my blog stats grow, I just don’t post about it)

My good friend Andrew is an outspoken vlogger who very often chastises social media users for their inane and pointless posts. He does it with a twist of humor, sprinkles it generously with vulgarity, but gives it a healthy dose of reality and truth, and makes excellent points every single time. I often think to myself before I post something, “what would Andy say?” and more often than not, I can hear what he would say loud and clear in my head. Because I admire and respect Andy, it’s a damn good filter to run my ideas through first.

So those are the reasons my social media accounts will always remain public and not private. I have nothing to hide, and if it’s nobody’s business you can be assured you will never read or hear about it.

Until next time,


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