Expressing Love: How I FINALLY found my artistic passion


For years I’ve been dabbling in various mediums of artistic expression, each of them helping me on the path to find my passion. I’ve painted some abstract paintings that meant something to me even if was considered a mess by others. I’ve painted portraits of my close friends and family and even portraits of a dog or two. I’ve dabbled in clay, watercolors, acrylics, oils, casting, and even some bone work. At the core, I was trying to find that one form of art where my passion and creativity came together.

It came together with pregnancy belly casts for one. The incredible way a woman’s body changes and grows and stretches to accommodate a growing life inside her is breathtaking. To be able to capture that in a cast with an artistic touch brings me so much joy and happiness. There are times after I deliver a cast when I feel that I’ve just lost something important to me. It hurts a little and I’ll review the photos I’ve taken over and over again. I thought that this meant I had found my passion. And in a way I had, but more importantly, I can express my love, respect, and appreciation for an expectant mother in my art.

Since I’ve been doing hand-casting for families and for individuals, I’ve come to realize that this too is an expression of love. For the families I’ve worked for, their bond and their love for one another can be eternally expressed through the art I create. My own mother’s clasped hands cast is a constant reminder of her love and her hard work to create a home and life for myself and my siblings. The cast of Stan and Chrissie’s clasped hands is an expression of their love for one another and the bond they share as husband and wife. The cast of my friend Aunie showcasing her own artistic expression as a hair stylist is a reminder of how her hands change lives by changing perspective of who they see in the mirror. The hand/paw cast I just did of my friend Tricia and her aging dog Sierra is a testament to the love Tricia has for her fur-baby and the bond they share.

Today I will be casting the hands of a very talented massage therapist. Gina is a sweet spirit whose hands offer healing, comfort, and relaxation. Gina’s hands are filled with love, care, and is how she expresses her love for others. To cast her hands so that they can be displayed as a representation of her gift is an expression of my love for Gina, not only as a massage therapist, but as a friend and someone I admire and respect. When individuals see her hand cast I hope that they can also feel the care and concern she puts into each and every massage she does.

For me, to express my love for others by casting their hands either individually or as a family group, is the most complete way for me to create my art and express myself creatively. For this, I have searched a long time but I believe that I have found my artistic passion and in it there is love.

Until next time,


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