The Romance of Elopement

“Run away with me? Meet me beside the waterfall where we first kissed and lets pledge our love to each other forever.”

Romantic right? Of course it is! Now, do you invite people to witness or just cherish this moment to yourself?

In the past when a couple eloped there was either a disapproving family, an impending pregnancy, or a lack of financial support for a big church wedding. Elopement was not always a choice, it was typically a means to an end. It was you, your spouse to be, a minister or Justice of the Peace, and maybe a friend or two to witness. It was quick, relatively painless, and maybe not so romantic. But it achieved the desire to pledge your lives together and become married.

These days, when a couple decides to elope, the reasons are vast and sometimes so romantic it makes you want to believe in fairy tale love. (Although I’d never admit that) Elopements are more about choice than a lack of one.

I recently married a sweet couple at my dining room table. They had planned a large wedding earlier in the year but due to financial reasons, family struggles, and lack of support they cancelled that wedding the night before. My heart broke for them. I could see the love they had for each other, the way they brought out the best in each other, and the bond they had built together in the short period of time they had been together. I could feel the disappointment and heartbreak, but I also knew that their love would survive. They contacted me a few months later and I welcomed them into my home where we shared dinner and then I officiated their sweet, romantic elopement. One of the highlights of my celebrancy career.

Sometimes an elopement will include close family members, just like my own elopement that included our children and the couple who were instrumental in introducing my partner and I. But typically, it is the couple and the celebrant who share in the very intimate ceremony.

As to where an elopement takes place, well just use your imagination. How about the coffee shop where you had your first date? Or the mountaintop view where your significant other proposed? Or how about the tiny historic chapel in your local state park? No matter where you choose, always (and I can’t stress this enough) get permission from the management and check your local county or state laws to make sure that your ceremony can be held where you want it to be held.

So how can I help? Easy, I will go where you ask me to. My job, but more importantly, my mission is to make your ceremony as wonderful as you are dreaming it to be. If you want the sweet, romantic setting with just the two of you and myself, I will put just as much effort into creating your ceremony as I do that big celebration your best friend had last year. My objective never changes, it is ALWAYS doing what the couple sitting in front of me desires for their ceremony. I am here to make your ceremony reflect the two of you as authentically as I can. That doesn’t change with an elopement, a ceremony is still the core focus of a wedding, be it small or filled with many, many guests.

Here’s to weddings, elopements, and romance as we head into the final days before Valentine’s Day! Whatever ceremony you choose to do, may it be the ceremony that best represents the two of you and the life you are building together.

Until next time,

Bobbi – Humanist Celebrant – Endorsed by the Humanist Society since 2018

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