Passionate for Authentic Purpose: My journey to becoming a Humanist Celebrant

I can’t wipe the smile off my face……nor do I want to.

In November of 2017 I was discouraged, felt defeated, and was slowly losing my passion for one of the things I had always felt was my purpose. I felt like an impostor and could no longer promote myself as the thing I so long wanted to be. From the moment my partner and I got married, I wanted to give other couples who didn’t identify with religion a chance at meaningful ceremonies. I did that for 8 years and enjoyed it, but the desire to become more authentic in my life and in my passion was strong and therefore my image was in stark contrast to my values and beliefs. Continually presenting myself as something I wasn’t in order to do the thing I loved was taking its toll on me and I knew I had to make a change. I didn’t know how I was going to do that, but Google saved the day and after a few word specific searches, I was introduced to Humanism.

Let me tell you something, you can live your entire life thinking you know things, but then research can show you that you know absolutely nothing. I will never be able to explain the pure joy I felt when I started reading about Humanism and the subsequent cries of “I agree!” as I poured over manifestos, essays, and books. Yes! This is it! This is where my passion and my values come together!

Through the Humanist Society website I contacted a lovely Humanist Celebrant who was so very kind and pointed me in the right direction on how to apply to the Humanist Society. On January 29th, 2018 I had a 45 minute interview with a representative from the Humanist Society who asked me a variety of questions. I was so excited to talk about my dreams and plans for this authentic venture! A few weeks later, my endorsement was approved by the board of directors and my certificate and endorsement letter were in my hands! The endorsement would be for two years and in that time I would have to officiate Humanist ceremonies and develop my learning and understanding of Humanism. As well as, and this one was an easy one for me, adhere to the values of a Humanist.

A few weeks ago I had my second interview with the Humanist Society Program Coordinator who asked me what I had been doing, what my future plans were, and how I have promoted Humanism since my initial endorsement. In answering his questions, I began to get fired up about the authentic passion I had first discovered in 2018. Our conversation made me realize that I could be doing more to promote my values and my love for people around me. Not only could I do more, I needed to do more. People need love, acceptance, and people like me to believe in them and their value for just existing. No strings attached, just pure love and acceptance because they deserve it for no other reason than that they are human.

A few days ago I came home from work to see the large white envelope on my kitchen table and my heart nearly exploded in my chest! My renewed endorsement as a Humanist Celebrant and this time, it is for 5 years! 5 years to be authentically passionate about loving and supporting people as they go through life changing moments like marriage, death, and new life, be it a child or a transition into authentic representation.

Good words to remember.

As I continue my journey first as a Humanist and secondly as a Humanist Celebrant, you can be assured that I will continue to create meaningful, loving, and authentic ceremonies for my clients. I will always represent my clients with respect, love, and will be just as passionate about their story as they are living it. But I will also begin to branch out into our community to do what I can for others. I’m excited for what the future holds not only for myself but for NonTraditional Traditions as well.

Thank you to all of my clients for their trust and belief in my abilities, your support has helped to make my dreams come true! Thank you to the Humanist Society for allowing me to continue to do what I love authentically and purposefully! And thank you, reader of this post, for taking the time to read and hopefully understand my journey to authentic purpose!

Until next time,


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